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Today. I was laughed at for Quidditch


I’m used to the occasional giggles.

Today. While I was on stage in front of a bunch of people I was laughed at the entire 3minutes I was talking about Quidditch at the Club Sports Interest meeting. 

I hate people. That is just so mean. I felt like I was in elementary school when kids made fun of me for being weird. It makes me just want to hide in bed and not do anything.

You know, people suck. I got laughed at quite a bit at the club expo the other day too, and you know what, we don’t want those people playing. We don’t want those people involved with our sport, and if they’re too close-minded to try something new…then screw them.

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So has anyone who has played Rugby play Quidditch?

Everyone always says that Quidditch is way better than rugby. In that it’s more “hardcore.” And I know i’m certainly not innocent of this,  but is there anyone who has actually played both? What do you think the differences are? Whats the difference? Which do you like better? Is Quidditch more “hardcore”? 

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Guys, The Olympic Quidditch games have to be telivised

Now I know they probably won’t be, i’m super sad. 

There has to be a network that’s willing to do it. IT HAS TO HAPPEN GUYSSSSS.

I have to see it. 

I want to sit in my living room, yelling and cheering at my tv. I want to see Quidditch up there with all the other sports, like it should be.

I want to be able to throw a Quidditch party, like people do with football.


How do I make this happen? *sigh.

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Fly Like Quidditch: If you're older than 22 and playing quidditch


you need to get a life to be honest. Not that I’m against community teams per se (like, I can understand if you don’t go to a big university or college so you make a community team comprised of smaller schools in your area) but those community teams with grown adult…

So i’m assumed you’d say the same about people who play any sports after college?

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Quidditch Elitist: Unpopular Opinion #2


So, I wasn’t planning on doing another of these until Monday, but a golden opportunity landed in my lap today with the release and desperate attempt at publicizing an article written by Eric Hansen of Outside magazine. (http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/sports/Quoosiers.html?page=1)

I will reblog the shit out of this..

Sure enough, the announcer shouted “Brooms up!” and the ref started handing out yellow cards—mostly to us. I got one for tackling from behind. Tim earned one for tackling with both hands. Two of our goals and one impressive snitch grab were dismissed for murky reasons. All of these were prompted by whines from the Hopkins co-captain.” - Ah, so it’s the other team’s captain’s fault you guys were penalized for breaking the most obvious and key rules in the game? They should have just let you keep breaking them and put yourselves and others at risk for injury? No. I don’t think so.”



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